• Boeing 777-200ER

    Omni's Fleet includes three B777-200ER aircraft offering a range of approximately 7,400 nm.

    MTOW: 656,000lbsMLW: 470,000lbs.
    MZFW: 440,000lbsPayload: 122,000lbs.
    All Economy seating for up to 381 passengers. Modern 777 Interior with individual in-seat IFE. Additional configurations available.

  • Boeing 767-300ER

    Omni's Fleet includes seven (7) B767-300ER aircraft offering a range of approximately 5,900 nm.

    MTOW: 412,000lbsMLW: 320,000lbs.
    MZFW: 295,000lbsPayload: 95,000lbs.
    All Economy seating for up to 270 passengers. Modern, all leather seating throughout entire cabin.

  • Boeing 767-200ER

    Omni's Fleet includes three (3) B767-200ER aircraft offering a range of approximately 6,500 nm.

    MTOW: 395,000lbsMLW: 300,000lbs.
    MZFW: 260,000lbsPayload: 71,500lbs.
    All Economy seating for up to 240 passengers. Cabin features B777 style furnishings, leather seat covers, in-seat on demand IFE and LED lighting


Flight Attendant Recruiting

At Omni Air International we conduct our flight attendant recruiting through Invite Only Information & Interview Sessions. These recruiting events are an information/interview session where Inflight management discusses the job in detail, including training and benefits, and you have an opportunity to participate in an interview process.

Please click here to email your resume + cover letter to be considered for an invitation to upcoming recruiting events!


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